Friday, June 10, 2011

..shOULd i RUN??..

hurm, lately ni banyak sangat pikir..hari ni nak keje pun takde mood..sebabnya result da keluar..tapi taknak cite pasal tu..nak cite pasal lain..pasal result tu da bosan..
one of my friend said to me, i should run from troubles in my life..should i? huhu..penat jugak berdebat ngan die hari tu..tapi bile aku pikir2 balik, ada betul jugak ape die cakap tu..aku kene lari and sembunyi, sampai aku ade kekuatan untuk lawan balik troubles tu..yang jadi masalahnye bila aku takde kekuatan untuk lari dari sume masalah tu..aku prefer untuk hadapinya then, suffer cause of the troubles..maybe im addicted to pain? entahla..
some people may said, its not good to run from your troubles..u have to face and fight it..but sometimes, if we fight with nothing, we'll lose in the what happened to me..i'd face and fight for it, until i'd suffer so much..
ape2 pun, Allah knows the best for me..He already have the path that i shall follow..i just have to go with the flow..and..
i hope someone will grab my hand to run cause i dont have a courage to run from day...i'll wait for that one day to become true..

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