Friday, June 17, 2011

..FrieNds..cOMe and gO..

Drowsiness can't make me sleep..Still thinking on certain things..From wasting time forcing my eyes to sleep, I'd rather grab my notebook and write something precious since I don’t have much time to write for few past weeks..From past, now and then, I keep thinking about friendship..Is true friendship really exists? Yes, it is..I already seen many friendships that last forever..

Recently, I keep thinking about my friends in my old school..I’d missed them damned so much but, I don't really know what makes me stop from finding them in Facebook even though I know, Facebook is linking everyone around the world..I am afraid I may have been forgotten..

I get rid of that feeling when I kept thinking of them, then I typed on the search space in Facebook..One by one..Lucky me..They used their own name and it makes me easier to find them..

I’m glad to get connected with them again….and when browsing their profiles, I’m excited to see their life..Getting prettier and matured compared from the one I’d know 10 years ago..We cried, shouted, laughed and everything together before..Oh God, you know how much I missed the days that we'd spent together..

Now, when we are in touch, I feel awkward when talking to them..Maybe it’s because we didn’t see each other for a very long time..10 years is not a short period..Anything can happen during that period..Sometimes, when I read a comments between them, I saw a word ‘gell’..It is one special word use by the student at that school..The meaning is similar to the word ‘gile’ use by many people..Like ‘suke gile’ to ‘suke gell’..I always wondered when talking to them, am I eligible to use that word again? Haha..So weird me..Thinking about some crappy thing like that..They might laugh at me if they read this..Well, I’m just wondering..No hard feeling, babes~ =)


I’d know you guys just for a moment..1 and the half year, maybe it’s not enough for us to be so close, but it’s enough to make me regret..Not regret for leaving the school…..but regret for leaving you guys, such a wonderful friends..Being with you guys, were really a beautiful moment in my life..I still remember some of the lyrics of our CS's song..

"Friends are like a rainbow;

That adorn the sky..

Friends have a special moments that never we forget..

All through the years we've been together..

We have learn to love each other..

We can withstand the obstacles at hand..

You've been with me..

Through the sun shine and rain..

I can count on you and the friendship remains.."

Hehehe..Do not upset if the lyrics are incorrect! Can't remember it very well, but still I keep singing this song for all this while..

Nothing much I hope, just to make this friendship begin...again..

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