Thursday, April 21, 2011 it hard for people to believe me?.. jln2 tgk blog smart ok?compared to mine..huhu..its ok..take my time to explore d gadgets n widgets..nnt ak dress up blog ak cntik2 ye..hehe..
so n so n topic for today is TRUST..actualy td br dpt smangat utk stdy from amoi, my classm3..after 5days bpoya2 ngn movies n games..god! what happen to me nowadays??xde ksdaran lgsg..huhu..btw, credit to amoi sbb bg smangat kt ak..saaaaayang ko! :D
hurm..back to my question is, is hard for people to trust me?? seems like everyone is so hard to trust me..mcm my bf..ssh sgt nk pcaya ckp ak..pdhal ak da abes jujur da..haha..btw..xtau die bf ke x coz our status like 'breaking off' for dis its hard for me to say dat im single or in a juz make it 'its complicated'..haha
n my frens..also like hard to trust me..y?? ntahla..
i hate when people said 'xpe, ko pndai..'..siyesly, rs saket smcm bile dgr org ckp cmtu..esp when i told them that i cant do d test, i'm worried for d final exm n wutsoeva..on that time, i realy feel dat i can shout at their face n said "so what??org pndai xbole failed ke??org pndai xde prasaan ke??klu pndai sgt, y i hav to stdy??"
haha..klu la ak bole wt cmtu..but sometimes, i juz hav to shout it to myself..people wont undrstnd..esp when they r not in our juz let them be..
stress babe..siyesly..plis dun make people stress..see?baby pn tau stress tau..haha

tp baby stress comel..klu org tua??oh my prada! i cant imagine how bad its looks..haha
well, think logically..wut do i get in return if i lie? nothin! so plis trust me..
i need people to trust me..n support me in everythin that i it hard?i guessed it is..
people out there! plis believe me..i really starve for it!
well, i guessed i hav to start stdy now..b4 its too late for me rite?n b4 its getting hard for me to cover d topic..hehe

ill come back again tmorow..
to say what i think everyday..hehe..


  1. biasela tu...just ignore mulut2 busuk tu..asalkan kite bahagia..=)

  2. haha..btol jgk kdg2 dsbbkn mreka, kite ssh nk hepi kn? :)