Wednesday, April 20, 2011


dis is my new blog..the old one? have to make it private cause of certain content..hehe..suddenly mood of writing comes again after a long time it left me.. :)
actualy, there's so much thing that i want to write about..but make it slowly rite? so dat i wont lack of ideas later..hehe..
skrg da 5 in the morning..but still cant sleep cause of some problems disturbing my head..argh! im sick of it..wuteva it is, i hav to put it mission to stdy today still failed like yesterday...hish..ape nk jadi ni..exam is juz around d corner..wooohoooo...hopefuly my mood to stdy fly to me tmorow..still hav time even though not much left..pray for me ya?
what do i think now?hurm~of cos its about love..
i do like love stories<---novel la kn?hehe, love dramas<---korean dramas r d best!

*latest drama yg ak tgk..sweet sgt..
n also love songs..but then,i still cant believe there is a real love in d world melainkan cinta Allah..btol ke? seems like i loose hope to human still mgharapkannye..mcm mne tu??
bile tgk org lain, da ade life msg2, story msg2..what do i hav? still nothin.. still searching around d world wut do i want actualy..
somebody said to me, ak xtau it rite? ntahla..i do thankful for d best things happened to me few yrs ak stil manusia biasa..yg mahukan khdpun smpurna mcm org lain..
ade family<--skrg mmgla ade but its not like family at all..ade duit<---haha utk shopping!..ade loving bf<---yg ni funny tp btolla! ak xmain2!..ape lg ek?ha..ade asset mcm2 la like car, house, million pairs of shoes :p..haha..impian ak ni ntah tu la yg sume org impikn kn?so its not my fault if i want those thing..hopefuly,ak akn dpt sume tu 1 day..i'll wait for dat 1 day to come..yg penting kene SABAR! :)
so lets list out d thing dat i really want! hehe
*haha..beshnye klu ade family yg rmi n meriah cmni! weeee~

*if i hav a money like toilet tissues, shopping sakan la ak hehehe
*haha...nk bf ke? nak xmo yg bg byk mslh kt ak :p

*ntah nape ak minat single storey je..xsuke umh tggi2..mayb sbb xsuke tgga..haha
*haha..crazy on BMW..especialy in white sgt..
*syoknye klu dpt wt koleksi kasut mcm ni.. :) haha..ak mmg gile kasut..klu kua g mne2, ssh nk nmpk ak xbwk plastik kasut..
*n last but not least, nk ade wardrobe yg besa mcm ni..umah kcik xpe, yg pnting wardrobe nye besa..haha..suke!suke!suke!
k la..nnt tulis lg..nk tdo..nantok suda..weee~

*lupe! all d pictures comes from MR. GOOGLE..hehe :p

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